Taking a Pause to Evolve

Friends, family and fans;

     We’ve been quiet lately, but for reasons that we didn’t expect. Our lack of concerts and online hiatus has been due to a recent lineup change.

Founding member and prolific drummer/singer Brandon Jenkins has decided to leave P4TC.

Myself (Steve) and Darcy put forth every effort to keep the band as it was. However, Brandon left with little explanation for his departure. We can say with confidence that Brandon is a one of a kind. Although Brandon essentially “cannot be replaced”, his decision to exit the band has not influenced the remaining members to stop recording and performing music.

Pause For The Cause has been auditioning and recruiting new talent and we believe that our efforts have been successful. To our fans, we are far from finished. Starving to get on the road and eager to put our creative minds into an already progressing 3rd studio album. We may not be the same band we used to be, but change is sometimes the greatest thing that can happen. We’ll miss Brandon and he has our respect. However, we are not detoured. We welcome this change and are heading into 2017 with new goals and ambition.

We’ll be back on the stage soon. Thanks for understanding everyone!