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Welcome to the official homepage of Pause For The Cause!


Pause For The Cause is a Boise Idaho based indy music group consisting of three members. Steve Cash is the guitarist, Darcy Erickson is the bassist, Brandon Jenkins is the drummer and all three are singers to create a power trio of rock, hip hop, reggae and pop music. 'Pause For The Cause' is currently planning a U.S. tour, however, the dates have yet to be confirmed. Please check back for tour dates.

- Music and downloads -

All Pause For The Cause music can be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon.com. Please visit our P4TC Youtube Account for videos and news, and like our Facebook Page to stay up to date!

- Contact & Booking -

Please visit the Band's Facebook Page to contact the band or to participate in contests and give aways.

For Booking Pause For The Cause at an event or concert, visit the agency Holton Productions.

- Other Recorces -

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